The new course: an uphill climb, indeed.

Hi everyone, here we go!

Starting off, I have to say that this whole site project has me equal parts excited and confused, being the first time I try to put up with something like this. I personally consider it a necessary and interesting challenge, as well as part of the new course that I’m slowly and sometimes painfully trying to give to my life.

Speaking of that, another part of this new course is fighting against my lifelong difficulties with schedules arranging and time management in general, and it’s exactly that the first point I wanted to share with you guys: it’s freakin HARD.

I do have, somewhere in my mind, a tendency to put stuff in order, categorize it, and so on, but I also come equipped with a natural messiness, and a tendency to come up with new stuff on the fly, wich can be both an asset and an absolute disaster when it comes to keeping up with a tight schedule and the already not exactly structured lifestyle I have at the moment. Freedom can be dangerous, indeed. So, after some small but encouraging step in the right direction, i decided to take this thing into my hands, and tackle it head on, doing something I never actually did on stable basis before.

WRITING MY OWN DAMN SCHEDULE, and follow it by the letter.

Yeah, that’s probably nothing new to most people (I… guess?) but, trust me, to me it is, and it’s hard. That’s why I felt it was about right to share the progress made. I’m at the end of my first scheduled week (they start on Friday, because I thought of it on a Friday, ok?), and TODAY’s scheduled activity is almost only to verify the week’s progress and write next week’s program.

So, how does the verification work, you might (not) ask?

Well, I simply got a plain school diary, same kind as I used in high school and before, and listed a series of things to do for each day of the week, adding a checkbox to fill when I completed each task. At the end of the week, I’m going to count how much I actually did, in percentage, of the stuff I had programmed to do, and make my evaluations for better programming of next week, as well as keeping you updated with the results and consideration about it.

So again… how did the first try actually went?

Well… there was, from Friday to Friday, a total of 47 scheduled things to do this week. I managed to do 22 of them: ironically, almost exactly 47% of 47.

Gosh darn it, am I messy! But aside this bittersweet thought, it’s now time for considerations about that. I think I have learned at least two lessons from this first attempt. The first and most important is the necessity to keep the focus: the days in which I managed to do 100% or little less of what I assigned myself where actually the first days of the week excluding Sunday, during which external causes prevented me from even beginning the most time consuming activities schedules, and I actually was only able to do the minor ones. I attribute this to a difficulty to adapt myself to the new mindset, and I plan to be a little tighter about that.

The second lesson is about the schedule itself. The days in which I did most were also less crowded of things to do, and many times I found myself in a situation in which something took far more than what I originally expected to, and actually finishing it ended up in taking time away from other tasks. A little less things to do, with a better time evaluation behind them could actually help to progress a lot further. I’m considering putting at least approximated time tables in schedule as well, but not too strict, because I’m still gonna need a certain degree of flexibility and overlapping, plus the possibility to delay something or anticipate it if necessary.

Also in consideration is a priority ranking to help manage all of this stuff. One of the most mentally painful experiences in my life (lucky me having this kind of problems) is having one of those moments in which I know damn well I have a thousand things to do, but can’t for the life of me decide what to start from.

Today’s programming of Week 2 it’s gonna be interesting indeed. If my head does not explode in the process, I’ll keep you updated.

See ya, take care!



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