Keep on climbing: schedule check #2!

The second week of my new schedule verification system has come to a close!
Pilot week ended with a 47% completion rate, 22 checks on 47 scheduled tasks.
The bittersweet conclusion resulted in some helpful and healty analysis for my road to prove that one can come out of his own natural messiness, and a reworking of the next week program.
My usual Friday check, which actually ended up being done late in Saturday, has brought his results.
This time, we got 18 finished accomplishments on 20 scheduled activities.
Bittersweet, again: a 90% completion rate sure is more than nice, but regarding absolute numbers, I actually did less stuff this last week than the previous one.
I should add some considerations: the highest completion rate means I’m not pathologically unable to do more than half than what I should, and proves that the first schedule was actually probably too crowded and underestimated time consumption for some of the activities planned.
I should also add that week 2 actually saw me finishing at least a couple of scheduled unfinished business of week one, and actually even doing something good and useful I hadn’t planned before.
Probably more on that will be out soon enough.
I also noted that this time the drive did not seem to fade throughout the week with the later days being somewhat “lazier” than the earlier ones, and completion rate remained steady.

Given this consideration, while still very improvable, I’m confident to say that even though I myself am not always aware of it, we’re a step in the right direction!

See ya for week 3!

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