A long hiatus… winter has come.

So… As it happens way too often, I took a fairly long pause from updatinge this site, during the holyday season, and I didn’t get down to do quite as much as I actually wanted.
Just the old lethal mix of procrastination and having other atual things to do in the meantime.

Anyway, that surely does not mean I gave up on trying to fight the good fight, even if the unconceivable happens, and it has: I actually went unscheduled for what accounts to a little less than a month.

I know, it’s terrible, or at least I need to think it is right now.
I believe most of me fails to realize that this kind of weird enterprises I’m recently embarking on are not a game anymore, but hopefully my future actual job, and I need remainders of that.
That, and a good old willpower self-whipping of myself.
So, in the course of this week, I’m going back to scheduling and back in action, while I try to guess how exactly I’m gonna mix updating on my content, studying, actually CREATING the content I’m gonna post about…
and you know, I kinda have also a week-end job at the moment, so… there’s that as well.

Anyway, back on track!
Winter truly has come, and we’re gonna endure it together!
Stay awesome, guys!
I’ll try my best.

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