A Red Star is rising!! A fantasy RPG tale, told just for you!

A Red Star shines in the night sky… on its path, a legend to be made.


Finally, here we come!!

The Long Birth is over, and the site is up and ready! Those next months will be full of adventures and surprises, as I finally announce the first tale we’ll tell together on this site, as I finally found somehting both interesting and fun to do with it.

At the end of Next week, the “Under Red Star” tabletop RPG campaign, mastered by yours truly, will finally commence after literal months of preparation and one two-parts preview.

This story won’t only be told by me: the adventurers that you will see journeying towards their goals are played by real people, live at a table, and they will decide as much as me where and how this tale is going to go. The result: a collective fantasy saga, with one narrator and multiple characters, each with their goal, expectations and quirks!

It will be told on this site in the form of an episodic tale seen from the eyes of the playing teams, hopefully updated monthly, along with curiosities on the actual gameplay and bonus content.

For RPG players and dungeon masters, “Under the Red Star” could be an original and entertaining way to follow a story played by someone else, and a way to expand both your and my horizon about the worlds we can play in.

For everyone else, if you are searching for a fantasy story with adventure, mystery, quirky characters and lots of fun and action, this is still the place for you!!

Let us bring you in a whole new world, as piece by piece we make this new tale!

“Under the Red Star” is a campaign with an original story, in a setting created by me and contributed to by my players.

Some of the characters, for example, come from the setting of the previous campaign “The Dark and The Eclipse”, whose Dungeon Master is now one of my players. The story that I will tell is a brand new tale, but it has ties with that other epic adventure that will be clearer soon

As a necessary disclaimer: altough the story, setting and specific characters are created by me and the players, this is a Dungeons and Dragons campaign, based on edition 3.5, and so many elements, such as races, most creatures and character classes, as well as lore elements come from that, and I am obviously claiming no rights i don’t have.

The new page dedicated to the Red Star saga will be opened soon, and will be filled with tales and extras such as art from the world of the story.

The campaign starts officially on October 21, and Episode 1 will hopefully be online not long after that. In the meantime, don’t worry: you’ll still have something to chew on before the main course.

I can’t wait to have you all read and hopefully enjoy the journey!

See you soon… under a Red Star!

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