Dawning Bastards

Welcome to the world called Oniria…

Welcome to the journey of the Four.

Welcome… to Dawning Bastards!

Speaking of my stories, here's a concept from one.

What is Dawning Bastards?

In 2007, four kids are cast away from our world, to an ancient and strange land. To come back, they’ll have to go on a long, brutal and awesome journey, and to fight a demon returned.

4 little bastards in a distant world… and that’s just the dawn.

Dawning Bastards (or DWB for short) is the name of my main story concept, and narrative universe. As of now, its conception dates back to more ore less 10 years ago, when I was more or less in seventh grade (The Italian equivalent, that is). Throughout all this time, installments for the saga have been invented, cancelled, remixed and rebooted, but (with one exception), the core idea stayed the same: Dawning Bastards is a fantasy action videogame concept, and my dream is having you guys playing it one day.

It started out as a semi-serious parody fantasy story, inspired by a mixture of dreams and personal experiences of the time, and gradually grew larger, more epic and complex. For a long time, it stayed completely in my head, almost menacing to have it burst from the sheer pressure of STUFF I either created or thought I had to create sooner or later. It couldn’t go on like that.

Gradually, I started taking notes, drawing sketches, pitching ideas to people… but I never felt really READY for it to actually get out in the light. I didn’t trust my skill level, my resources and potential to bring out the world to the full extent just yet.

To be 100% honest, I still don’t. At least not completely. But I reaIized something. It does not matter.

When the dream is of that magnitude, waiting to be ready, waiting to FEEL ready… is just granting you’ll never be. One day or another, this story has to start actually being born… and it will, with you and I bringing it to life, together.

So… cut the chit-chat, and get to it!

In the next pages, the world just waits to be explored…

Already online and updating

The World: Basic lore and “rules” of the worlds involved.

Coming Soon

Characters: The four teenagers stranded in Oniria… and maybe someone else

Art: Sketches, first concepts and artwork for the project

Story: Narrative introduction to the world, and some story details