DWB- The World(s)

A page dedicated to the basic lore of the “world” of  Dawning Bastards, in the broadest possible sense of the word (pardon).

Come here to find out about basic common rules and premises for the series, and to go to more detailed info on things like places and enviroments as well as factions and a general timeline! Starting with the most basic of questions…

Also, a TL;DR  feature is available for busy/lazy readers. Don’t say I don’t love you.

Where are we?

DWB is  set in the  relatively small part of the Multiverse that comprehends our universe and our Earth.  By “Multiverse”, we mean the collection of all existing space-time self-contained continuums (or universes), which can sometimes connect and interact with one another through portals, overlays, and “no man’s dimentions” in between them.

Interworlds travel and phenomena are possible and exploited, though not fully understood scientifically and heavily relying on magic. Do not worry, you won’t have to swallow half the entirety of this, but it was a necessary premise for a lot of the rest.

In the first game/chapter/installment we’ll start from the Earth and live our adventure in a small continent known as Oniria, located on “the closest world to our own.”

Keep in mind that “close” is not necessarily a spacial term, as portals open between different planets in the same universe or between different dimensions entirely. So, when talking about interworld travel, worlds  like “close” and “far” only address the frequency of natural portal openings or the difficulty of opening them artificially.

Tl;Dr: a lot of worlds, and you travel to one of them, starting from Earth.