DWB- The World

A page dedicated to the basic lore of the “world” of  Dawning Bastards, in the broadest possible sense of the word (pardon).

Come here to find out about basic common rules and premises for the series, and to go to more detailed info on things like places and enviroments as well as factions and a general timeline! Starting with the most basic of questions…

Also, a TL;DR  feature is available for busy/lazy readers. Don’t say I don’t love you.

Where are we?

Dawning Bastards starts when four kids from Earth, and more precisely from Italy, get dragged to an unknown world after being confronted by a dark entity, and end up stranded in a place some call Oniria.

Indeed, this new land seems exotic and mysterious enough to be a dreamscape, with foreign looking animals, plants and landmarks as well. Lost and clueless, our four youngs will have to survive and carefully think of their next move, if they ever want to solve the mystery… or get back at home.

What happened? Why did it happen to them? Why does one of them seem to vaguely recall this lands?

Fortunately, none of them has any intentions to give up easily. Just within them, lies a power they barely knew

And who knows… they might just have what it takes to conquer the unknown land of Oniria.