My Art Section Online

Pretty self expalanatory. May feature different content from my Devian Art account, as well as related updates. By the way, I just realized I started this whole site affair by proclaiming myself a “student artist”… and not a single “art” piece was shown that day. Time to… well, fix that. So, just to say hi, …

Books Section Online

Section regarding my literary interests and comments on books I’m currently reading or opinions and analysis on literature related topics. Gonna be here soon enough, there’s an awfully interesting book I’m reading right now that I just HAVE to talk about.

Author Section Online

Artistic progress related news, as well as updates on stories and decisions, and generally all stuff related to my artistical life go here! Might get a bit overlapped with the news section, but we’re gonna get the hang of it together!

News/Blog Section Online

This session is gonna be my personal window of reflection over current day issues and thoughts, divided by argument. Frequency is gonna be more or less “when I feel like it”, and as for the contents, is gonna be about general themes or personal thoughts or experiences, since the most topic-focused stuff is gonna have …

Who am I: a Journey to Dreams

Hi everyone, and welcome! The name’s Fabrizio, student artist, writer and generally fun person, even though it’s up to you to decide exactly why. If I had to describe myself in one word… well, I’ll probably explode, actually. But that’s just the whole point of this site, actually: having a good time together while I …