Under The Red Star

A Red Star has appeared in the heavens…

Following it, ships have a discovered an unknown land: to the South, wildlands inhabited by exotic creatures go on in the distance, unexplored and untamed. But to the North lays the true mystery.

A rocky, low shore eventually brings to a crystal arch, alone in the shallow water. Looking through the arch towards the inland reveals nothing, and the arch can be passed through with no consequence. But looking through the arch with eyes to the sea reveals stony steps, going below… under the ocean, and underground.

Beyond the steps, a large room decorated with ancient pictures, seemingly depicting an arcane and fascinating ancestral place. It promises forgotten treasures, as well as unknown danger. And beyond that first room… no one knows.

Half of the first expedition plunged deep in the misteryous Hypogean Ruin, never to return alive. But when survivors came back to the known world, news spread fast. Like a moth to the flame, adventurers from everywhere are congregating for their chance to discover what lies below.

Ships are sailing again, and each party is determined to take the glory of discovery…

The race to the secret of the Hypogean Ruin begins!!

-A Campaign by Fabrizio Fioretti


-Choose your party-

Adventurers have come from a variety of places to the unknown shores of the Red Star lands. Different cities, nations and more have sent someone to the race for loot, glory and discovery.

Everyone searches for something unique, and they all hope to find it… under the Red Star

More than one party is playing this adventure, and we are going to follow their stories… choose yours, and enjoy!



-Voyagers of Tahausia

The son of two heroes wants answers. A huntress searches for the biggest game.

A paladin is on a mission for her lord. And a mysteryous young monk has a journey to make…

On a ship’s deck, a most unlikely alliance is born. Can these strangest of companions make it to what lies beyond the crystal arch?

And what will be more deadlier: the perils ahead, the secrets beneath… or the daily grind of this improbable team?







The Master’s Corner

Welcome to the page dedicated to “Under the Red Star”, a fantasy RPG saga told by a Dungeon Master and his brave players! Be ready to dive in a new world of adventure and mystery!

This story is told episodically, with new chapters available after the session has been actually played by the cast of characters, and occasionally some extras along the way. Because of this, not even I can know with certainty what expects us in the times to come, but that just makes it more exciting, right?

Updated chapters are announced as they come out here on my Twitter.

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