Voyagers of Tahausia

201 years ago, the vast and diverse lands of Tahausia were on the brink of destruction.

The organization known as the Eclipse Guild was about to complete a century old plan, and bring forth the evil deity known as Yordul in the Material Plane.

The advent of the dark god would have spelled doom for the world, but a group of unlikely heroes stood defiant. 

In a batte later to be sung in legends three warriors fell Yordul’s chosen Kir-Dath and ended the Eclipse, saving the world, and beginning a new age for all races.*

Today, Tahausia is on the whole peaceful and changed, but the memory of legends past still endures.

However, with the appearance of the Red Star, a new page is about to be turned…


Welcome to the section dedicated to the adventurers from the lands of Tahausia! Here you can read all there is to read on the characters and their journey towards the mysterious new land, as soon as it comes out. Don’t forget this is just one of the playing parties who will tell this tale, and check out the main page to get the whole story! Enjoy!


Voyagers towards the Red Star– Meet the Tahausian party!!

Prologue- Coming Soon…



*This events unfolded during the “The Dark and The Eclipse” campaign, by my previous Dungeon Master, who now plays a brand new characters in this adventure.

Although there is a continuity between past events and the new story, this is an independent tale which does not require much knowledge of the previous campaign to enjoy.