Tahausia- The Party

Four adventurers journey on the last ship sailing from Tahausia towards the Red Star.

This quirky quartet converged to the port of Rualle for very different reasons. Will they be able to put their differences aside, or will their adventure be as stormy as it gets?

Let’s get to know them!!

(Portraits coming later)

Son of the Heroes- Elatiel Kariel

-Who is he?-

Race- Halfblood Drow

Class- Warrior/Wizard

Age- 169

His father was Neufer, the proud drow champion of Etmess, the drow capital. His mother was Nipheal the half-elf, one of the three heroes who saved the world from Yordul 201 years ago. His sister, the heir to to Etmess’ Academy of Magic. As an halfblood, he does not possess all the qualities of a pure draw, but he and his sister grew faster, and more open-minded.

With quite the family, and more than a century on his still young shoulders, Elatiel is unique as well, and not only for his uncommon blood. Trained in combat by his father, his true interest was magic, and a peculiar field at that. Fascinated by the mysteries of death, Elatiel studied necromancy with a lust for knowledge.

Though it worried is master, the great wizard Li’am, the dark arts of necromancy never really corrupted Elatiel’s mind. Even so, his experiments and desire to know led him to wander much greyer areas than a “good” wizard would do, and place his limits a bit further than many people. He won’t commit evil acts, but come on… always sticking to good is quite limiting, don’t you think?

Though trained in both combat and magic, and really knowledgeable, Elatiel isn’t the most… aware person in the world, and is prone to getting lost in thought, or actually lost. This, coupled with his unusual “halfblood” grey skin tone, and the bizarre presence of his cape-clad silent assistant Welek, makes Elatiel quite the encounter.

-What does he want?- Sweet lost knowledge… and to check things out, just in case.

When news of the Red Star started spreading, Elatiel knew a golden chance was before him: underground, deadly ruins in an unseen land? It sounded like the best reward in knowledge he could ever hope for!

And besides, he was worried… the last time something like this happened, it was the start of what almost destroyed Tahausia. Elatiel was determined. Ahead lied danger and truths… and for both of them, he was just the right man!

Aspiring Monster Hunter- Drianne –Coming Soon...

His Lordship’s Lieutenant- Grinhild –Coming Soon…

Rookie of the Shrine-Yahim –Coming Soon…