Update Log- June 2020

It’s been a while… but stuff is getting done. The backbone of the website has been constructed.

Let’s get the construction site started.

The Update Log will be updated with what is added to the site and a list of upcoming features.


-RPG, Art and Products pages created.

-Update Log launched

-Links to Twitter and DeviantArt created

-Products page now contains info and links to already available RPG products published on both DriveThruRPG and the DM’s Guild.

-Sub galleries for the art pages are being created and updated with art, with Commissions, Sketchbook and Fan Art already online. Almost all sub galleries now launched.

-Stories page named Worlds and Stories and officially launched.

To Do Next

  • Update Site Layout with appropriate images/any other adjustment
  • Create page and link to Patreon and any relevant missing socials
  • Launch remaining sub galleries for the Art page
  • Create descriptions for content to be featured in the Adventures and Campaign page.