Update- Patreon page Time-Out

Quick and to the point PSA.

Given the moment and the necessity to work on both art portfolio, RPG content and (when I’ll be called back) my current day job, I simply do not have the means, time or energy to also provide substantial Patreon rewards, let alone the hefty kind of bonus content I was making when the Patreon page launched.

Patreon is for a creator to get support in the creation of their core content, and reward supporters with some extra treat. It cannot become a burden on the creation of said core content.

I’ll leave the Patreon page online in the case it has the possibility of being useful again in the future.However I am unpublishing the Hero reward tier and suspending the Adventurer tier rewards. This was substantially already the case, now it’s the official state of affairs.

Regarding the content available as Patreon rewards, some if not all the art will be potentially made available on this website in future. However, the full quality artworks and all RPG game content (mechanics and game data) will stay on the Patreon page and be available as “welcome gifts” for when the page has Patrons again.

As soon as there are people again who can and wish to support my work, restarting the page properly will be possible, and any new Patrons will be part of how that happens.

In the meantime, I know I am not entitled to anyone’s support of my content. So I’m gonna work to earn it.

See you soon!

I take this chance to thank Chris Rodgers, for believing in me enough to be my first Patreon for a while, and for being understanding and supportive through and through, even when it wasn’t possible anymore for him to continue or for me to properly reward him for his trust.

Your support meant a lot to me. Ad maiora!