The Dinosaur Diary is ONLINE! And some more stuff…

Back after a while posting on this site! Not like I’ve been completely offline in the past months, but I gotta admit the site had been left behind a bit in the midst of everything else.

Speaking of “else”, the most important news out of the way: my last RPG project, Hazayel’s Dinosaur Diary is officially out on!

It is an early access title, currently available for any price (including free) and right now it is but a small bestiary of prehistoric creatures. However, it is packed with lore, and obviously statblocks and I have all the intention to expand it going forward. The full project is MASSIVE, which is why I decided to release it while in progress instead of waiting for a completion that WILL happen, but it is going to take time since I am a solo author and artist right now, and my dayjob is going to be back at one point.

I talked about this project a LOT on other platforms already, and you can check it out on this link and on my Products page, so if you want some dinosaurs in your fantasy just give it a look!

About the rest, as usual, I have a bunch of projects coming up that I’ll give more details about soon, and the site to update and expand. Gonna work a bit on that after this post.

After a while, I got a couple commissions as well, but I can’t tell two much about THOSE right now. And there is a bunch of news and stuff I should add to the RPG section, including the fact that FINALLY, after literally more than one year, I got to run some stuff in Eberron, aka my favorite official DnD setting.

So, I guess I gotta work on all of that now. In the meantime, go play with some dinosaurs. Bring food, bandages, and lots of dice!